While going through some old membership books, this piece of paper was found:

"A Very Brief History Of The Edgelawn United Methodist Church"

        About 60 years ago, Rev. J.H. Bailey started the idea of building a church, and Charlie Pickering (who then lived where Lovell's now live) donated a lot on which the Edgelawn United Methodist Church now stands. 
        The church is a branch of the Epworth Methodist Church.The first dirt was turned to build the basement on Sunday, August 4, 1929 (The afternoon of the same evening Tom Seebaugh was born.) 
        Money to build the basement was borrowed on a note and was paid off in 1936.The money was raised by donations and pledges, each one giving as he could, so much a month. A few suppers were held to raise money, but were given up in favor of the monthly pledges. 
        The original basement was larger and probably reached out to where the Youth Building begins. Meetings were held in the basement from 1929 to 1942 (13 years).And it was said the basement was often full and some good spiritual meetings were held. the auditorium was started in 1941,when Rev. F.V.Arnott became pastor,and was finished a year later.The auditorium was built over part of the basement and the rest was filled in.Today we are in the process of siding the Church.
       List of pastors:
Rev.C.H.Kelly, Rev.W.E.Childers, Rev.J.H.Bailey, Rev.L.C.Morris, Rev.J.V.Life, Rev.H.C.Brown, Rev. Cecil Shepherd, Rev.Floyd Stephens, Rev.Calis Moats, Rev.Joe Snider, Rev.Kenneth Cain, Rev. Carl Stahlman, Rev.Wilbur Hardin, Rev.Marvin Eaton, Rev.Ezra Higgins, and Rev.Duane Waters.Rev.Kelly,the first pastor, was also pastor at Epworth and Rev. Bailey alternated services with him. Rev.Childers was the first full time pastor and served for seven years. 
       List of first year members:
Mrs..Shirley Swan,Mr.Shirley Swan,Rev.J.H. Bailey, Mrs.A.M. Bailey, Mr.Peter Show, O.O.Smith,Mrs.Frank Knotts, Mr.Frank Knotts, Jean Swan, Elise Seeabaugh, Thomas Keller (Elsie's father), June Swan, Edward Marshall(Bertha Parson's father), Miss. Elizabeth Pickering, L.P. Cheathan, L.O.Wade, Mrs.Bertha Parsons, Miss. Freda Marshall, Miss. Anna Marshall, Mr.Elwood Barnett, Miss.Madeline Barnett, Mrs.Tennie Marshall (Bertha's mother) Miss. Cora Davis, Miss Mildred Cheatham, and Miss Sarah Flinn.Some of these are charter and the others transferred from Epworth.
       Edgelawn went on Parkersburg Circuit with Davisville, Kanawha, and Watt Chapel when Rev. Morris was Pastor.When Rev.Life was Pastor, the church went on circuit with Murdoch Avenue Methodist Church. A substitute pastor took care of the other church. Edgelawn is now on circuit with Parkview.
       Some of the First Sunday School Superintendents were Edward Marshall (the first), Davis, Orin Smith Jr.,Mrs.Anna Bond,Evans Wood,and George Marlow.
       The oldest known member is Mrs.George Wilson--age 93.

       New siding has been added to the church. The work is just about completed with only the finishing touches left to do.
       It was decided by the Administrative Board that to raise the money for the cost of the siding and labor,we would ask the people to pledge or make a cash donation.How wonderful it is to report that all but $435.00 of the nearly $3,000.00 has already been pledged or given.If you have not given and would like to contact Mr. Audra Thompson.
       We have about thirty days to raise the 435.00 and I'm sure you would like to have a part in it.